* 10.02.2005    Yet Another Distributor

A new website has opened offering mp3 downloads. No complications, no awkward rights management giving you aggro about where you play, just bog-standard mp3 files - and The Sinistrals are on it.

This new company is the brainchild of former CEO Michael Robertson. In a press release to CDbaby artists, Robertson expresses the fact that once he left, he was very disappointed with the way the site went. With Mp3tunes he hopes to learn from the lessons of, and offer a better service. All Mp3tunes files are mp3-encoded at a high-resolution 192kbits, meaning far better quality than the net standard of 128kbits, and of course, mp3 can be used on any operating system you care to name, unlike some of the more proprietary formats.

Depigeonholeisation is available for download at immediately.