* 07.03.2005    Sinistrals at No.21 in British Pop Chart.

"Depigeonholeisation" is proving to be a popular album for users of the mp3tunes download site.

The song "Puppy Dog" is currently at No.21 on the MP3tunes British Pop chart. The song is listed as having been higher, at No.18, and has slipped back to this position today.

Whether this translates into downloads and payback for the Sinistrals is anyone's guess. MP3Tunes has not published a description of their ranking algorithm, and so it is impossible to tell whether this translates into downloads. The ranking algorithm may take into account such things as popularity of the page containing the songs, or links to the page.

"Non-disclosure of the algorithm is quite possibly deliberate, to prevent gaming of the system by the unscrupulous." said Steve of the Sinistrals. "A few years back, when I ran an MP3 download site for unsigned musicians, there were a small number who spoilt it for everyone else when they attempted to cheat the system to get high chart placings for their work."