* 29.06.2005    VH1 Promotes the Sinistrals - Badly

The VH1 website has set aside a section for the "Depigeonholeisation" CD. The site contains a track list, although it doesn't contain a picture of the record cover, or much about the Sinistrals at all. There's no actual downloads either.

The site allows fans to rate the record, and to provide a link to a Sinistrals fan-site. However, the prohibitive legalese that fans have to agree to to merely add a "fan-site" - however official that site may be (and let's face it, VH1's Sinistral site ain't "Official" - they certainly didn't ask me) would give the average webmaster second thoughts.

Amongst some of the couched warnings are implied threats that VH1 only gives webmasters the right to display a plain-text link to the VH1 homepage only. Any graphics or deep links to the site are prohibited, which really makes you wonder if VH1's lawyers have understood the whole point of hypertext linking.

Perhaps they're afraid I'll steal pictures of Britney.