* 21.11.2005    Sinistrals Topping Charts

Today, 21st November, The Sinistrals are at no.3 on the chart, and it's all down to Nigglers with smoky cracks and their Hose.

The reason for this is simple. About six months ago, a rap group issued a record with the name "Golddigger", and, as a result, thousands of people are searching the net for free mp3 downloads of the song, and are finding it on

However, on hearing it, they're not exactly going to be pleased, as the Sinistrals "Golddigger" is a country-tinged song about being jilted at the altar, and doesn't say anything about drive-by shootings of Homilies with smoky cracks and their Hose (although it's anyone's guess as to why they're so preoccupied with shooting people whilst they water their garden) Nevertheless this has helped to push the song and its album up to 270 on the main Mp3tunes chart.