* 16.02.2004    Work Starts On The New Album

Work has already started on the new 'Sinistrals' album, and a title has been chosen.

The album is to be called "Zombie Finger". "The name comes from a problem I have with the second finger on my right hand.", says Steve, "The nail got damaged or infected and Martin Iordanidis christened it thus".

Two tracks have already been recorded, and a third is in the offing. "There will be two separate sides to this album, an acoustic and the more familiar electric. I've been getting deeper into solo acoustic fingerpicking since the last album, and so I want to exploit some of the styles I've learned." says Steve.

This album will also see a bigger line-up of collaborators. Martin Iordanidis, formerly of "Soulbrother" and who played bass on an album for "Psychotic Waltz",has already contributed a bass line for one of the songs. "It was like my original bass line, but with a lot more ornamentation. He had to play it upside-down on my EKO violin bass, which wasn't easy. It still sounded better than my efforts to jazz up the bass line though. Next time he'll have to bring his Music Man bass."