In an incredible career[1], Steve Dix has successfully managed to avoid fame and fortune.

At the age of 7, Steve was cast as a Shepherd in the Chancel Infant's School Nativity play. He was bitten by the acting bug almost immediately[2]. Fortunately for him, he built up an immunity to it - mainly due to an allergy to bullshit - and went and learned the guitar instead.

During the height of Britpop, Steve was the guitarist in the Birmingham band "The Simpletons". who weren't renowned for anything whatsoever, apart from one favourable review in Brum Beat of their demo[3], only to see the band sink in a sea of apathy. Steve then created for Attitude Networks Ltd. and watched it sink in a pyre of flames as a victim of the dotcom boom.

Shortly afterward Steve moved to Cologne in Germany to work, and became a freelance web developer, only to see that sink in a pyre of flames as a victim of the dotcom crash. He played and sang in "Dead End Street", Cologne's premier Kinks tribute band (well, Cologne's ONLY Kinks tribute band..) till that sank due to ill health, and he currently plays bass in a jazz band named "Niki Tzaziki und die Döner Horns".

Despite all he's been through, he still maintains an interest in music[4] and formed "The Sinistrals" as a one-man-band recording project, and released his first album, "Depigeonholeisation", which will no doubt sink in a manner similar to his other projects.

Steve Dix is currently appearing to look for work whilst pretending to clean his girlfriend's flat.

[1] Career - as in the path taken by something that is totally out of control.
[2] The costumes were simply infested with them, luvvie...
[3] And, it must be said, an absolute stinker of a bad review for their 2nd demo.
[4] You'd think someone who studied for a Masters degree[5] wouldn't be such a slow learner, would you?
[5] THAT particular endeavour sank in a sea of despair..[6]
[6] Are you beginning to see a pattern yet, boys and girls?