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06.05.2005    David Conway


I ran across your page whilst shopping for a RIC. I have looked high and low for a new or used Midnight Blue 330 or 340 (right hand). No luck yet.

Anyway... you are a funny person. The self denigrating humor is well done. I passed your site along to my friends so your humor will pick up their day!




19.01.2005    Brett Ellis

Love the lefty rics! I have a 360/12LH. Right now and have been searching desperately for a change....any idea where to find lefty rickenbackers besides the obvious www.ric.... Anyodd, love the site, love the sounds....cheers


04.03.2004    Andre Nendza

Hello Steve,

I really enjoyed hearing your album. In these days of clean cut and polished music it´s great to hear real instruments (except for the drums which - since you´ll make a whole lot of money with this CD - should be played in real the next time) and a voice with a personality that is not autotuned to death.

You really played some nice guitar, which of course was practised during nearly every break of the "Döner" rehearsals. My personal number one is "Girl with..." just because of the great hook line.

All the best for the next album which of course should be out soon.



André Nendza


02.02.2004    Big Al Davies

What do you mean the only Mr Davies, there is another here that writes too!

Steve is a wonderful human being and I haven't heard these songs yet but I'm gonna check him out, his humour is legendary his songs must be too....?

Well done Steve keep it up, write record release, you have it sussed.

Dire Straits and Chris Rea to record together? Dire Rea?


01.02.2004    Carmel

Wow, takes me back to a time before I was born, like you know, a time I'd rather be born in given the state of the world today. It holds charm, innocence, creativity, inspiration and yes, even originality (despite the inspirations). The tunes are melodic and tickle the teenage soul back to life.


24.01.2004    Mathew Lock

If I had to write a review it would be thus:

"Having relocated to Germany, the Sinistrals' sound has matured into an impressively infectious mix of Beatles, Rutles, Ed Ball, and even George Harrisonesque sixties pop. With licks and riffs straight from the tradition of early Beatles, shimmering (left handed!) Rickenbacker, and the occasional slide guitar it's impossible not to feel happy and enthusiastic when listening to this album - though a melancholic undercurrent lurks beneath some of the tracks if one listens carefully enough (Something to Believe In is particularly gritty, for one). The Girl, October Girls and Maria are personal favourites - the production of the latter reminiscent of the one and only Mr Davies -and the overall production quality of the album has a Konk studio feel stamped throughout. The Sinistrals certainly are worthy dedicated followers of a fashion sadly long gone".

And a nice cover too(!);-)
Good Luck!


28.09.2003    steve at fivetrees

Oo. Issa guestbook. I would say
"nice site", but it's too clichéd for
a first guestbook entry, so I'll say
"well done" instead. My originality
knows nothing.


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