All these online services stock, or are planning to stock, downloadable versions of "Depigeonholeisation". By buying through them you support me as they pay me royalties on every track.

Apple iTunes Downloadable program for Mac and Windows.
BuyMusic A la carte downloads for 79 cents for anyone with Windows IE browser.
EMEPE3 Website that primarily targets Latin America, USA and Spain.
Etherstream Website that offers a la carte downloads.
Lindows Lindows Media Player with built in music store.
Music4Cents Retails independent music at very reasonable prices.
MusicMatch A popular audio jukebox program for Windows that recently added this service built-in to their player.
Napster Downloadable program for Windows. Yes it's now legal and paying.
NetMusic Digital download and streaming service.
Puretracks Canada-only service that offers $.99 downloads. Website is currently available to Candian residents only.
QTRnote Website that offers a la carte downloads.
Rhapsody Downloadable program for Windows, based more towards playing/streaming/listening than downloading. Rhapsody is owned by Real Networks.
RuleRadio Online radio and download store.
Sony Connect Sony's new digital download store.
One for all you K700i owners...
Viztas Viztas Digital Marketplace will sell all kinds of digital media - not just music.

Buy the CD from CDbaby
Download from iTunes