-=Frequently Asked Questions=-

Who Are The Sinistrals?

"The Sinistrals" is an umbrella group for music written by Steve Dix, and anyone else who wants to play. The term Sinistral is derived from latin for left-hand - sinistra. I'm left-handed, hence the name and the hand-print logo.

Why Record Your Own Album?

Because I've been writing songs for years, and I wanted to get them recorded. My songs tend to be a diary of what's happened to me over the years, albeit somewhat bowdlerised.

Why Not A Record Company?

I want to keep control of my songs, and most record companies aren't interested unless you can guarantee them at least 10,000 sales.

What Are Your Influences?

I'm heavily influenced by 60's bands, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the Kinks, but I also have a soft spot for powerpop. If you listen a little more closely you'll notice the influence of the Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, Martin Newell and XTC amongst others.

What about Oasis/Blur/90's Band?
They seem to be in there as well..

I think it would be true to say it's because of shared influences, rather than being influenced by them.

Are You In Any Other Bands?

I'm currently playing bass in the jazz band "Niki Tzaziki und die Döner Horns" I was until recently singer and lead guitarist in "Dead End Street", a Kinks/60's tribute band playing in the Cologne/Bonn area, which has unfortunately broken up due to ill-health. The band is reforming, however, as a more general 60's band.