-=Frequently Asked Questions=-

Previous bands

Who were the Simpletons?

From 1995-1997, I was the guitarist/singer in a Birmingham, UK band named "The Simpletons", not to be confused with any of the other bands out there named the Simpletons. The other members were Kevin Bignell on bass/keys/vocals and Grant Patterson on drums.

Why did the Simpletons split up?

Briefly : lack of success at getting gigs and personal problems.

Are there any recordings of The Simpletons?

We did two demos, "Exciting New Offer!" and "The Next Small Thing" which were amalgamated into "The Complete Simpletons". I have the masters and may re-release them in the future if there is enough interest.

Common Troll Insults

Your songs are old-fashioned, why bother?

I'm not interested in riding the 'cutting-edge' of whatever musical trend is currently fashionable. This is what I do.

I think your songs stink.

You're perfectly entitled to your opinion, however blinkered it is. Move along, there's nothing for you here.

I don't like your voice.

I don't like it either, but it's the only one I've got.

Your playing sucks, maaan, I can outshred you any day.

If you are approaching this music as a competitive sport, you are missing the point totally.