* 20.03.2005    Cdbaby Boss Picks Up On Scammers

On Friday, an Email was sent round to all Cdbaby Artists warning them against a scam, originally reported by Steve Dix of the Sinistrals. The scam is a typical Nigerian 419 scam, aimed at nothing less than separating hopeful musicians from their money.

The scam is reported in greater detail on the CDbaby bulletin board. Basically, the scammers contracted a group of musicians via Cdbaby, pretending to be distributors interested in their music. The scam goes on by promising a cheque for the records, which are needed "urgently". Once the scammers have your information, they send a forged cheque, which is based on a false bank account. At the same time, a "shipping" person contacts you via another fake email, saying to pass the money on for the shipping. Once this is sent, you wait for the shippers to pick up the CDs... and wait... and wait. In the meantime the cheque has bounced, and what you've actually done is pay a fake shipping agent money out of your own account.

Steve of the Sinistrals says "All independent musicians should first check out any distributors to see if they are legal and above board. Insist on a phone number - NOT a mobile no, a written contract, and get a net-savvy friend to check out where the emails are coming from."