* 16.01.2008    Amazon, that's who

Guess who is now offering "Depigeonholeisation" for sale in the USA?

Amazon, that's who.   Amazon are also offering mp3 downloads, although I can't check that as it's a US-only thing.

In other news, Cdbaby have opened up their own mp3 store.   Cdbaby are responsible for getting the album to Amazon, on Itunes and all the other download stores, and seem to be the one consistently-growing company in the sea of troubles that has enveloped the Music Industry.  How come?  Because Derek Sivers, the head of Cdbaby, is an honest man to deal with, which counts for a lot.  If any of you are looking to release your own CD, Cdbaby are the people to help you.  Thanks also to Todd, for putting me onto them in the first place.