* 29.06.2005    Audioscrobbler Promotes The Sinistrals Brilliantly

The twin websites and are promoting "Depigeonholeisation" through their revolutionary webradio system.

The complete Depigeonholeisation album can be streamed via an mp3 player from However, the system doesn't end there. Audioscrobbler, the companion site, allows users of a small plugin to automatically submit data on their musical preferences. Over time, a musical profile is built up, and the system then begins to make recommendations based on similar user playlists. Via the use of forums and grapevines, users are recommended other music, and so the album will be recommended to people with similar tastes. also uses similarity classification to recommend the album to listeners with similar tastes. Finally, the system also directs you to people who have a similar music taste as you, so you can literally browse through their music collections.

We here at Sinistrals towers are constant users of both Audioscrobbler and, and we can heartily recommend them both to you all.

Expect to see some Audioscrobbler and based improvements to this website in the near future.